[LIVE, JULY 20,] All the developments of the pandemic coronavirus

[EN DIRECT 20 JUILLET] Tous les développements de la pandémie de coronavirus

The new coronavirus has more than 607 000 deaths in the world, while nearly 14 570 000 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed.

Don’t miss out on the latest developments of the pandemic COVID-19 in the country and in the world.



Confirmed cases: 14 604 077

Dead: 608 420


Confirmed cases: 110 623

Dead: 8855


Confirmed cases: 57 616

Dead: 5657


Confirmed cases: 3 804 907

Dead: 140 811


16: 20 | A co-owner whose bar has been identified by the government as a place of outbreak of cases of COVID-19, Monday, is concerned about the negative impact on his property despite the health measures put in place on the inside.

Until 16h16 | Donald Trump argued Monday the port of the mask facing the coronavirus as a gesture of ” patriotic “, having long displayed an ambiguous position on this sensitive issue.

15h58 | Coronavirus: record of hospital admissions in Los Angeles

The number of patients Covid-19 hospitalized in Los Angeles has reached a new record this weekend, the health authorities of the megalopolis is particularly concerned with the rate of infection is high among young adults.

The county of Los Angeles, which represents ten million inhabitants alone, was identified Sunday 2 216 patients admitted to hospital after having contracted the coronavirus, against 2 193 on 15 July, the date of the previous record.

Among patients currently hospitalized, 26 % are in an intensive care unit and 19 % were placed under a respirator, emphasize the health authorities.

15h47 | The days follow and resemble each other on the plan of the fight against the COVID-19 to country, Quebec and Ontario have unveiled Monday balance sheets are very similar to those of the last days.

15h09 | Since Monday, the boarding through the front door of the bus has resumed in a gradual way over several lines serviced by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM).

15h04 | Two players of the national hockey League (NHL) have entered into the COVID-19 during the first five days of phase 3 of the return-to-play, according to information received Monday by the circuit Bettman.

14: 15 | The general manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, Ross Atkins, said that his organization evaluated more than five “emergency plans” to compete in his home games in the United States in the course of the season, which was shortened to come.

14h10 | thousands Of employees deemed “essential” during a pandemic – often black or hispanic – were called to protest Monday in a score of american cities, to denounce the racial inequalities and to seek the adoption of a federal plan that will sustain them financially.

13h54 | agricultural producers in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean are concerned about the 12 cases positive for the coronavirus in foreign workers.

13h33 | The mayor of a major city of the Russian Arctic has announced on Monday his resignation after being accused last week by the regional coordinators to minimise the severity of the pandemic of sars coronavirus in this isolated region.

12h46 | A emergency physician of 32 years died Monday at the Lebanon suites of the new coronavirus, first death in the medical corps in a country which is experiencing an upsurge in cases of contamination with the relief of the containment measures.

12.25 p.m | The world health Organization (WHO) expressed its “concern” on Monday by the”acceleration” of the epidemic of COVID-19 on the african continent, which until now had relatively been spared.

11h08 | Italy has had the double dead compared to previous years during the worst months of the pandemic COVID-19, in march, according to a study published Monday, which highlights the significant under-estimation of the mortality related to the virus.

The country is not the only one to have failed to completely account for the dead of the new coronavirus; other analyses have shown that the Peru, the United States or even Mexico city have significantly under-counted the deaths of the COVID-19.

11: 03 | Quebec recorded an increase of 150 cases and two deaths, for a total balance of 57 616 people infected and 5657 patients died of the virus.

10: 30am | The opposition parties will support all of the federal law to pay a unique payment of$ 600 for Canadians with a disability.

10h27 | Two vaccine projects against the COVID-19, a briton and a chinese, have produced a substantial immune response and demonstrated their safety for the patients, according to the results of two separate clinical trials, published Monday in the british medical journal The Lancet.

10: 06 | Russian president Vladimir Putin hailed Monday the low death officially caused by the pandemic coronavirus in Russia, ensuring that his country had in this area is much better than the other european countries.

6: 59am | drug christened SNG001 would reduce by 79% the risk of developing a severe form of the COVID-19, according to preliminary results announced Monday by the laboratory in the uk that the product, Synairgen.

6h54 | Russia hopes to produce with its partners, some 200 million doses of a vaccine against the coronavirus this year, if clinical trials are successful, said on Monday a top Russian officer.

6: 15AM | The british government announced on Monday an agreement for 90 million doses of two vaccines in development against the COVID-19, one of the alliance German-american BioNTech/Pfizer and the French laboratory Valneva.

5h17 | european leaders will continue their discussions on Monday afternoon in the hope of finding an agreement on a recovery plan post-coronavirus, in the fourth day of a summit painstaking, marked by deep dissension and ambitions downgraded.


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