[LIVE, JUNE 17,] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT 17 JUIN] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic of the COVID-19 disrupts our lives.

You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis, which is hitting the population, governments and the economy.

BALANCE sheet AT 5h33


Case : 8 184 331

Death : 443 960


Case : 8213, 5269, Quebec

Death : 99 467, 5269, Quebec


6h48 | Virus: the Germany wants to ban large gatherings, up to November at least.

6.37 | Honduras: the president and his wife to be positive in the coronavirus.

The president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, has announced that he and his wife had been tested positive to the new coronavirus that continues to rage in Latin America.

“During the weekend, I started to feel pain, and today I have been diagnosed as infected by the disease COVID-19 “, said Tuesday the press the president, 51 years old.

He added that he would continue to perform his duties “telework” while following a treatment for ” mild symptoms “. His wife, Ana García, is “asymptomatic” currently, he said.

At the same time, Mr. Hernandez has lamented the”collapse” of the hospital system to cope with the great number of sick, and announced the shipment Tuesday of brigades in San Pedro Sula (North) and in the capital, the main foci of contagion, to take care of home the people with the coronavirus.

READ | Return class “more normal” this fall.

Jean-François Roussel, director of the Polyvalente de Charlesbourg in Quebec city, recognises that young people must make an effort of adaptation to the school. But this is nothing compared to the constraints that have been imposed over the last few months, ” he said.

5h26 | The screenings are free-falling in the province.

After having affirmed that the screening was the sinews of war against the COVID-19, Quebec has observed that fewer people are testing, especially in Montreal, where we will drop the mobile clinics in the bus as soon as Friday.

4: 40 am | In speakeasies of Libreville, on trinque despite the coronavirus.

4h09 | In Russia, a “tunnel ” disinfectant” to access the Putin.

The Russian authorities have installed a sas disinfection that asparagus products the visitors are allowed access to president Vladimir Putin in his residence, in order not to risk contamination with the novel coronavirus.

2h03 | The european car market was down from 52.3% in may.

A victim of the pandemic, the european car market has still fallen from 52.3% in may from a year earlier, less heavily than in April, however, thanks to the reopening of the dealers in many countries, according to data released Wednesday.

0h57 | WHO greet a breakthrough research, Beijing worried.

British researchers announced on Tuesday that having “a major breakthrough” in the treatment of seriously ill patients by the COVID-19, at a time when China is facing an alarming outbreak of the disease in Beijing

0h29 | More than 2000 dead added in a day in India, 11 903 in total.

The human toll of the epidemic of coronavirus in India has increased from 2000 dead in a day, bringing the total to 11 903 deaths in the giant of South Asia, according to new official figures on Wednesday.

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