[LIVE, JUNE 2] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT 2 JUIN] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic of the COVID-19 disrupts our lives.

You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis, which is hitting the population, governments and the economy.

BALANCE sheet AT 5: 45 am


Case : 6 274 136
Deaths : 375 902


Case : 91 705, 51 354 Quebec

Death : 7327, 4665, Quebec


6: 45 am | Coronavirus: Russia exceeds the 5000 dead.

Russia spent Tuesday, the milestone of 5,000 deaths attributed to the sars coronavirus, according to the latest official figures, and new infections remain above 8,000 cases daily.

During the past 24 hours, 182 people died as a result of the COVID-19 in Russia, bringing the total to 5037 dead.

The number of new cases has increased 8863 to reach 423 741. Russia is the third country with the most infections reported in the world, behind Brazil and the United States.

The number of new infections follows, however, a slow decline for the past two weeks, in particular in Moscow, the epicenter of the epidemic in Russia, with more than half of the dead accounted for.

In total, the Russian authorities indicate that they have proceeded to 11.1 million tests at COVID.

To READ | Post to have been the north american champions of the containment, Quebecers have resumed their activities as much if not more than their neighbours, with the re-openers permitted by the government.

5h24 | PKU for retirees of the State.

The pensioners of the State who have lost their job extra because of the pandemic can pocket the Benefit of the canadian emergency (PCU) of $ 2000 per month, in spite of their advantageous pension

To READ | to international flights at your own risk, without travel insurance.

Travelers who hope to take advantage of the early resumption of international flights of Air Canada to get back to tourism will have to accept to do so at their own risk, probably without travel insurance.

At least that is what we have confirmed the insurance companies to which we were able to talk yesterday. In their general opinion, and in spite of what we may hear on the subject : the time is not at all to the recovery of international tourism.

5h11 | prices will increase again.

Hair salon, dentist, personal care, and even grocery store : several services and products now cost more costly for Quebec, a side-effect of the pandemic.

Professionals and traders have confirmed to the Newspaper have to raise their prices to cover the costs related to sanitary measures.

5h09 | Italy: the crisis of the coronavirus “is not complete”.

5h06 | Virus: the terraces of café revive in France, the pandemic rages in South America.

4h53 | Uk: of the air bridges being considered to circumvent the quarantine.

4h44 | In Ecuador, the pandemic and misinformation have progressed hand in hand.

4h40 | Bangladesh: first death from the coronavirus in the refugee camps, the rohingya.

4h37 | Three years after the embargo, the coronavirus reinforces the “made in Qatar”.

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