[LIVE, MAY 26,] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT 26 MAI] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic of the COVID-19 disrupts our lives.

You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis, which is hitting the population, governments and the economy.

BALANCE sheet AT 7h58


: 5 512 055

: 346 612


: 85 711, 47 984 in Quebec

: 6545, 4069, Quebec


8h31 | Virus: the restaurants reopened to the public in Iran, where the dead go beyond 7500.

Iran has eased more restrictions on the population in the framework of the fight against the pandemic COVID-19 by allowing Tuesday restaurants to greet customers, while 57 deaths were announced, more than 7500 in total.

Since the appearance in mid-February of the first cases of Covid-19 on its soil, the islamic Republic is the most affected country in the Middle East, trying to stop the spread of the epidemic without imposing a containment strict or quarantine.

“The restaurants that, before this decree, were only allowed to distribute food to take away, will be able to accept clients from this day,” said State television, Mohsen Farhadi, a vice-minister of Health.

6: 58 am | More than 46 000 deaths attributed to the sars coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

More than 46 000 people had died in the Uk in mid-may, for cause, suspected or proven to the new coronavirus, which is much more than the balance of the health authorities said Tuesday the national statistics Office (NSO).

According to the ONS, 42.173 deaths involving the COVID-19 were produced in England and Wales until may 15.

In Scotland, 3546 deaths related to the pandemic have been recorded up to 17 may, show the latest official figures, and in Northern Ireland, 664 deaths related to this disease have been recorded up to 20 may.

This brings to more than 46 000 the number of deaths in the United Kingdom. These figures are published weekly differ from the balance sheets daily of the government, which focuses on the deaths of people tested positive to the COVID-19. The last balance-sheet of the government, on Monday, spoke to him nearly 37,000 victims of the pandemic.

To READ | Nearly half of the 85 deaths announced yesterday by prime minister François Legault is dead there are already a few weeks in a single private CHSLD de Laval.

6h42 | COVID-19 : even patients low patients could be immunized.

6h34 | Coronavirus : at the end of the curfew on June 21, in saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia will put an end to any form of curfew from 21 June except in the holy city of Mecca, announced Tuesday the ministry of the Interior, after more than two months of restrictions to combat the novel coronavirus.

The prayers will also be able to resume in all mosques outside of Mecca from the may 31, said the ministry in a series of decisions issued by the official agency SPA.

Elsewhere in the Gulf, Kuwait and the emirate of Dubai have announced measures to ease restrictions in a bid to revive their economies, the pandemic and the collapse of the oil price have plunged into their worst crisis in decades.

6h33 | airline LATAM declares himself in bankruptcy in the United States.

6h32 | Italy : the archaeological site of Pompeii re-opens to the public.


The archaeological site of Pompeii, a world heritage site and the second tourist site the most visited in Italy, has re-opened Tuesday its doors to visitors, has found an AFP journalist.

On this first day of reopening after two and a half months of the confinement of the population and the closure of all public places, journalists and tour guides were more numerous than the tourists.

The temperature of each person who entered was controlled by a thermal imaging camera, with the mandatory disinfection of the hands with gel.

6h31 | Bolsonaro and the pandemic in Brazil: as Trump, in the worst.

5: 13 am | Russia has announced on Tuesday to have recorded 174 deaths from the coronavirus in 24 hours, a record in spite of the compaction, contamination, and another record, that of the number of healings.

5: 00 | Montreal must do more to limit the proliferation of rats, which are now more visible due to the containment, say exterminateurs.

4h31 | COVID-19: the face of infox, scientists adapt to counter-attack.

4h16 | Call franco-German at a rapid reopening of the borders in Europe.

1: 00 am | Quebec is hoisted in the head of the pack of the dismal track record of the places the brunt of the planet by the COVID-19.

1: 00 am | Quebec has finally achieved his goal of tests.

0.00 | COVID-19: the industry of the “coworking” will have to reinvent itself.

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