[LIVE] Quebec déconfine: here is what is open or closed, permitted, or prohibited

[EN DIRECT] Le Québec se déconfine: voici ce qui est ouvert ou fermé, permis ou interdit

Before a reduction of cases of infection to the COVID-19, Quebec déconfine gradually. Then re-open the restaurants outside the greater Montreal area, Quebecers find themselves with a semblance of a normal life, just in time for the arrival of beautiful days.

Here you will find all the latest news and announcements from the government Legault and public health in connection with the déconfinement progressive in the province.

Rallies outside permit:

  • Maximum of 10 persons, from not more than three different addresses.
  • The distance of two metres must be respected.
  • Guests can use the bathroom.

Rallies interiors permit:

  • As of 15 June and 22 June in the greater Montreal area), it will be allowed to receive family and friends at home, inside.
  • As for outdoor gatherings, the Quebec should be limited to 10 people, from a maximum of three different addresses.
  • The separation physical of two metres must be respected between the households.
  • Quebec is going to relax the rules governing the renting of self-catered chalets, to allow a group of 10 people to stay in the same place.


Beauty care (may reopen): hairdressing salons and barbers, centers of aesthetics, business of manicure and pedicure services, hair removal, skin care, and studios tattoo and piercing.

Therapeutic care (may reopen): dentistry, physiotherapy, osteopathy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, psychology, optometry, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, social work, marriage & family therapist, sex therapy, nutrition, speech pathology and audiology, podiatry, complementary medicine or alternative, grooming of the animals.


  • Retail businesses that have an exterior door independent can open.
  • The commercial centres outside the Montreal area can reopen.
  • The food stores can now open on Sundays.
  • The pharmacies are open.
  • The restaurants located outside of the Greater Montreal can re-open their dining rooms.
    • As of 22 June, those located on the territory of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM), the MRC of Joliette and the City of The Epiphany will be able to reopen.
  • Bars that serve food will be able to also reopen their doors at the same time as the restaurants.
  • Bars that do not have a licence to prepare food will have to wait.
  • The shopping centres of the metropolitan Community of Montreal and of the MRC de Joliette will be able to reopen as early as 19 June.

Schools and childcare

  • The primary schools outside of Montreal are reopened (those of greater Montreal will remain closed until next September).
  • Care services are allowed to reopen anywhere in Quebec.
  • Day camps may open as early as June 22, next everywhere in Quebec.
  • The secondary schools will be closed throughout the province until September next, at least.

Sports, leisure and tourism

  • Québec gives green light to the déconfinement gradual team sports outside such as baseball or soccer.
  • Only the training supervised will be allowed and the distancing physics of two metres must be respected.
  • The owners of campgrounds and outfitters are allowed to reopen.
  • Most of the training centers for top-level athletes will be re-opened as of June 15th.
  • The owners of chalets and tourist residences can place their establishments in the lease.
  • Since 20 may, the “recreation sports individual or both, without physical contact, in free practice, in the places of practice outside”, are permitted (golf, tennis, hiking, etc..).
  • Parks of the Sépaq: reopening of some hiking trails, biking trails and fishing for the day. Stays camping and fishing are still suspended.
  • Parks Canada: re-opening of some trails since the 1st of June. Camping is not permitted until at least 21 June.
  • The trails have been reopened on 24 may: the lovers of four-wheeled (quad) can practice this activity.
  • The reopening of the marinas.
  • Outdoor public spaces such as outdoor swimming pools and playsets parks are now open, and this, throughout Quebec.
  • Lees zoological gardens, and places of hospitality and tourist information will be able to reopen June 19.
  • The ocean excursions, visits to artisans, processors, and farms agritourism will be able to resume on 19 June.

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Cultural activities

  • Museums, libraries (lending services only, with no movement in the spokes) and drive-ins everywhere in Quebec are allowed to resume their activities.
  • Recovery operations for the recording studios and for live performances in a theater (without an audience).
  • The show rooms are always closed, but concerts will be held in the drive-ins of the province this summer.
  • Some of the filming of the drama in film and television have been able to resume June 8.

Travel between regions

  • Travel between regions are allowed.
  • Still closed
  • Spas, gyms, arenas and other sports venues, and concert halls, and cinemas.
  • The bars (without a permit from the MAPAQ for the preparation of food).
  • The places of worship.

Here are all the latest developments in connection with the déconfinement

The profitability of the restaurants concerned

The re-opening of the restaurants outside of the Montreal area will be with a sigh of relief today, but some homeowners are wondering if they can be profitable.

Here’s what will air your next visit to the restaurant

Dining room filled to half its capacity, servers who come to you with a visor, menus written on the wall: the experience in the restaurants changes drastically today, in hundreds of restaurants in the province.

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