Live well with chickens!

Bien vivre avec des poules!

Have you, like many people, developed a craving for self-sufficiency in food during the pandemic ? Fresh eggs, on a daily basis, it tempts you ? And you have a little space in your garden ? The adventure of the chicken coops urban you may try ! Louise Arbour, a pioneer in the field, has gathered all his knowledge and expertise in a comprehensive guide… and very expected : the chickens in my yard.

The installation of a chicken coop in urban areas is really in the air, at a time when a lot of people want to focus on local food and environmentally-friendly. Many municipalities in Quebec have recently allowed this practice : Québec, Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Saguenay, Victoriaville, Terrebonne, and hatcheries have been overwhelmed by the demand.

Louise Arbour, a specialist well-known in the environment of fans of poultry houses, sharing in his guide to all the information necessary to embark on this adventure, in our northern climate, in urban areas as in rural areas. She even lives in Terrebonne and has five hens in his chicken coop urban.

“The phenomenon is very popular in other countries and in Quebec, since 2016, it takes off. It is 30 years late, but there it goes, there it tumbles ! “, she notes. Since 2016, sixty municipalities have legalized chicken coops urban, ” which is still very marginal “.

The big advantage of having hens, in his opinion, is to have its own fresh eggs every day. “The second is pet therapy – pet. It is so much fun, so enjoyable and so easy ! People fall in love ! “

Growing interest

With the crisis of the COVID-19, she observed an incredible boom. “The hens, each year, one lack, it is not new. People have to book in January, February, for delivery dates in April, may, June. I know that there are people who imagined this for years. It is sure that with the work stoppage, it’s time to build our chicken coop… and people have decided to put their project into execution. “

“There are also people who woke up at the last minute and looking chickens… and there was a package that did not find any “, she adds. She worries about the people who do not turn to the right resources and make choices less appropriate… but adds that ” the gang that I formed for four years know what to buy, how to buy, where to buy, what to do. “

The safety net is in place, does it. “I give workshops and trainings for years. My web site is complete. My book is coming out. My training has been put online : everyone can do it from the house, James Bay to Alaska. People get a certificate and some municipalities require it – the city of Mascouche requires, for example. “

Louise Arbour.
Éditions ÉcoSociété, 288 pages.”>

Chickens in my yard
Louise Arbour.
Éditions ÉcoSociété, 288 pages.

  • Louise Arbour is recognized as one of the main ambassadors of the movement in favor of hens in urban Quebec.
  • She founded and hosts Chickens in the city, a company of consulting services and a training school available online on the care of chickens in urban areas.
  • His web site :
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