Liza Boyarskaya faced a wave of criticism after the confessions of his father, a disgrace to the name

Лизу Боярскую накрыла волна критики после признаний отца: позорит фамилию

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

The famous actor Mikhail Boyarsky told about the education of their children and about the expectations from them. It turned out that the daughter he did not expect the big successes in life. Memories Boyarsky shared on his page in the social network Instagram.

“You know examples when the children are great artists, because of the circumstances unattended, dying literally and figuratively. And I have Lark is my second wing. She refused roles in films, has devoted herself to raising our children,” wrote knights.

He also recalled his long-standing thoughts about the career of his daughter, Elizabeth.

Лизу Боярскую накрыла волна критики после признаний отца: позорит фамилию

“Sergei was easy to study, and from Lisa I was convinced the damn thing will not work. Two? Wonderful — if only my daughter was happy and healthy. Changed everything when it secret from me, he entered the theatre and began to learn from Dodin,” said the actor.

Now the daughter of the boyar prima Maly drama theatre of St. Petersburg and the winner of prestigious awards. His son, Sergei chose the activities of the policy.

In turn, a well-known blogger Lena Miro commented on the post Michael and criticized Elizabeth in his “Live journal”.

In her opinion, the successor of the boyar doesn’t know how to play. The only thing she is good at, is beautiful to stand on the stage, she has “no artistic abilities”.

“Is – Yes, it is beautiful. Especially since the heap operations on the nose. But to play? No acting here and does not smell” – she spoke sharply.

Лизу Боярскую накрыла волна критики после признаний отца: позорит фамилию

“Instead of having to flog the foolish daughter, to hire Tutors, to fix the school deuce and drive to University to study to be an accountant (could be a good specialist), the boyars decided that was wrong. That his daughter came out, which turned “actress”, because it was possible to calculate in advance? . But instead, on stage and in the movie there was a beautiful fish-moth, which decided that there just can be no. Pretty sad to see what our artistic family. Fathers mother though something else was, but the children and grandchildren are a disgrace to the family”, – said Miro.

Recall that Elizaveta Boyarskaya gave birth to her second son. 32-year-old actress gave birth at a private clinic in St. Petersburg.

As reported by the portal Znayu that Elizaveta Boyarskaya has published on his page in Instagram photo, which depicted her entire family.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the star of the film “D’artagnan and three Musketeers” Margarita Terekhova almost bedridden and has no money for treatment.


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