Loana back on Instagram : it explains his absence

Loana de retour sur Instagram : elle s'explique sur son absence

Loana back on Instagram : it explains his absence

The winner of Loft Story was a little out of social networks for some time. Loana is now back on Instagram. In a new post, it is explained about his absence from its subscribers, before they declare their love and thank them for always being there.

Loana ad to be back

After being a bit removed from the social networks, Loana has made its come-back on Instagram. One who relishes his impressive weight loss explained to be finally back in a legend of his new post : “here I am, back… I have not forgotten (still in my heart wherever I am I’ll never forget your unfailing support, your stories of love that I have worn for almost 20 years, these moments of joy. Of pain, of love shared)”.

“You are my most beautiful love story” has also confessed to the former of Phil Storm, “I would not have hoped to live an adventure as beautiful, unique and magical place that I still live, as a waking dream, thank you for always been there and I hope for a long time”. A beautiful declaration of love to his many fans who are there for her since his victory in the Loft.

She reveals the reason for his absence

But why Loana had stopped posting pictures and stories on his account Insta ? The former candidate for reality tv has unveiled the reason for his absence : the one who had participated in The Villa of Broken Hearts needed to take the time for it. “I took the time it took me to be able to recharge myself and get back to you in full form,” she said, “for I hope many years to live together… I love you”.

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