Loana (Incredible transformations): she accuses Nicolas Waldorf of lying about her makeover and reveals her “real” transformation

Loana (Incredible transformations): she accuses Nicolas Waldorf of lying about her makeover and reveals his "true" transformation

By Mathis Ferrut Journalist people, TV, reality TV Fascinated by the world of media from an early age, television has no secrets for him. Loft Story, Star Academy, Secret Story, the Ch'tis, the Marseillais… He is a real encyclopedia of reality TV. He is also a fan of sports (particularly football and Paris Saint-Germain) and music. He listens to everything and his playlists surprise more than one! After her participation in Incroyables Transformation, Loana had criticized the show and Nicolas Waldorf a lot. The hairdresser obviously did not digest the reproaches of the winner of Loft Story and defied his ban and that of M6 by swinging the result of the makeover. Loana quickly reacted on Instagram and revealed HER truth!

The war continues between Loana and Incredible Transformations. After her participation in the filming of the M6 ​​show, she had knocked out the result of her makeover. “They gave me shitty hair. It's so shitty that when I do my hair, half of it goes away. And my hair was brown! They told me they were going to do a shampoo to soften them. Already I am being lied to, and all of a sudden I look and I see very dark brown“, she had declared.

Words that do not did not please Nicolas Waldorf at all, who, during an interview with Jordan De Luxe, called the winner of the Loft a liar and swung the final result of his transformation, despite the ban on the candidate and M6.

Loana responds to the revelations of Nicolas Waldorf

Loana reacted quickly and exposed HER truth by posting a photo and claiming that Nicolas said that was the end result. Problem ? It is not at all this photo that the hairdresser showed. He made it clear that this was the “BEFORE”.

Hello my darlings 💖💖 I want to restore the truth a person from the extreme makeover show published this photo claiming that it was the final result so I see myself being called a liar EXCEPT this photo is that of my arrival at the show and not that of my departure… On the next ones you will really see the final result… You will tell me!!! Big kisses 😘 💖“, she said in the caption.

I didn't recognize myself

The star from reality TV has returned to the charge by revealing a new photo. This time, it is the one revealed by Nicolas. “Here is the real photo of the final result of the extreme makeover… Bob hair, brown hair and a cream suit size 52 instead of 44, no makeup… I didn't recognize myself” she reveals .

I'm not saying it's horrible. I'm just saying that it doesn't look like me and that we had agreed on certain things which were not respected. But apart from that, I had a great day with great people it's just that the end was not what I wanted or imagined that's all 😢 💖“, adds Loana, who revealed his salary to participate in the filming. The beginning of the reconciliation?

Here is the real photo of the end result of extreme makeover .. Bob hair, chestnut and cream suit size 52 instead 44, no makeup I didn't recognize myself That's why I cried when you see the photo of my arrival… 😢 💖“, concludes Loana, in the caption of this third photo.

So she seems a lot less angry with the show and Nicolas Waldorf. Would a comeback in Incroyables Transformations be possible? To be continued…