Loboda borrowed Lindemann “pink fluff” – “light, my dear”

Лобода одолжила у Линдеманна "розовый пушок" – "Зажги, дорогой"

Svetlana Loboda, the screen of the video

today, 15:01

Popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which has long been established in Russia, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. At this time, the great star surprised fans with a photo collage with the leader of the German rock band Rammstein with Till Lindemann. As can be seen, and Svetlana, and till the same item of clothing – Flirty pink coat.

Lindemann in this shaggy fur coat is standing on the stage in the spotlight with a microphone in his hand. He donned a daring outrageous outfit, till not looking at the camera and dumped the language. But Loboda in that pink coat on the naked body captured after the performances, it is still the original black pants. Svetlana looks askance at the camera, her hair loose and tousled, and face stage makeup. In the caption to the photo, the actress wrote in German: “light today, dear.” Obviously, Loboda was referring to the recent Rammstein concert in Kiev. But the star of the day before went on a tour of Germany.

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