Loboda closed in the dressing room with the mysterious man and gave him a Pat

Лобода закрылась в гримерке с загадочным мужчиной и дала ему себя потрепать

Svetlana Loboda, Instagram

today, 09:50

Famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who has been living and working in Russia, often pleases the audience with colourful publications in its Instagram. This time the star decided to show a funny video from the dressing room, where she cuts a young hairdresser.

As seen in the video, Svetlana is sitting in the chair the master of a huge mirror and something looks into the phone and then raises his head and looks at her image, something quietly discussing with the hairdresser. And the guy gently cuts hair stars, though, and makes it a very interesting way. It is clear that Loboda is sitting in only a black bra, she is focused and seemed very excited about something. In the caption to the video, the singer wrote: “Haircut strizhechka”. Fans of the star have not passed and began to discuss the video of Svetlana. I must say that not all believe that she will cut her hair, some have suggested that it is a wig.

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