Loboda first showed the song to her daughter: “Mom, this is hitara”

Лобода впервые показала, как поет ее дочь: "Мам, это хитяра"

Svetlana Loboda with her daughter, Instagram

today, 10:46

Popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which is already several years living and working in Russia, loves to attract attention. Recently, the star has presented a new hit and this time decided to promote the song with the help of the eldest daughter. In his Instagram artist published a short video in which her daughter Evangelina sings this song.

Loboda she shoots her daughter in the video, Eva is sitting in a strange place with huge headphones on his head and enthusiastically sings the hit mom. Then you can hear Svetlana herself singing along to his daughter, but the frame is not visible. In the caption to the photo Loboda wrote: “Evie first heard #Novyim. “Mom, this is Chitra!” What do you say?”. Fans of course began to discuss the new track star, and her singing daughter, but most attention went to the toy dog, which eve holds in hand and which looks like alive.

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Лобода впервые показала, как поет ее дочь: "Мам, это хитяра"

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