Loboda merged in a kiss with the assumption, a photo surfaced online: “Oh, Granny, what a passion”

Лобода слилась в поцелуе с Успенской, фото всплыли в сети: "Ох, бабуся, страсти-то какие"

Svetlana Loboda, Womensgid

today, 17:12

Popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which moved to Russia, and for several years does not give concerts in Ukraine, loves the flamboyant antics that actively demonstrates in his Instagram. So, this time the artist “blessed” concert in Kiev, love of the assumption, which for many years lived and performed in Russia.

Loboda showed a photo quivering with the assumption on which they hug. They both pose for a photo in dark outfits with black long coats. Loboda is not the first time published a photo on which poses in sunglasses indoors, and this time was no exception. In the caption to the photo she wrote: “our favorite Lyubonichi @uspenskayalubov_official a concert in Kiev! Love you very much and waiting in Ukraine. You are created to make people happy. Today a room full of Ukrainians will sing with you and to applaud your favorite songs and incredible female artist. Good show, friends.”

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Recall Loboda in the crazy dance lit tattoo in an intimate place.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Loboda showed his life short video.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Loboda scared people photos from Dubai.

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