LOBODA presented a cover of the song Alla Pugacheva: video

The artist released his own version of “Live country”

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LOBODA представила кавер на песню Аллы Пугачевой: видео

Svetlana Loboda

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which for several years he lives and works in Russia, presented a cover of the song Alla Pugacheva – “Live quietly in the country”.

See also a video about how Svetlana Loboda held the previous weekend:

Note, LOBODA made on the first day of the New wave of 2019 and performed several songs, including the hit “Bullet fool” and a cover version of the song Alla Pugacheva – “Live quietly in the country”. Note, the Diva not only endorsed the performance of his songs by a young artist, Alla Borisovna has made clear, as is Svetlana Loboda.

And on August 30 LOBODA on his page on Instagram has posted the official cover version of the song “Live peacefully, the country” and congratulated the fans with the premiere.

By the way, subscribers Svetlana Loboda appreciated her new song is ambiguous, many consider that song Alla Pugacheva to sing shouldn’t: “I Think after Pugacheva this song to sing it was not necessary, that was her story!”, “I think so too” “This is the first thing I don’t like the Loboda.. about anything,” they write.

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