Loboda showed an old photo with the eldest daughter, and the fans howled: “Put on swimsuit”

Лобода показала старые фото со старшей дочерью, и фанаты взвыли: "Наденьте купальник"

Svetlana Loboda, youtube.com

today, 20:16

Famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which in recent years, lives and works in Russia, often pleases fans with highlights of his life, publishing a photo in Instagram. This time the star a bit puzzled the audience, putting the social network a few beach shots, which poses in a swimsuit with her daughter.

As can be seen on the beach, Svetlana came in a dark two-piece without shoulder straps, which emphasized the perfect shape of a star. Next to it you can see little me, was really exciting, who is the eldest daughter of the singer. The girl posing here next to her mother, and fans have noticed that the little girl has no swimsuit for that Loboda began to hatiti. Some guessed that those are old pictures, because to them eve looks much smaller, and now she’s more Mature.

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