Loboda showed that between her legs – this twine would envy and Volochkova

Лобода показала, что у нее между ног – такому шпагату позавидует и Волочкова

Svetlana Loboda, the screen of the video

today, 07:36

Popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which has long been established in Russia, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. At this time, the great star surprised fans with pictures of the interesting places where posing in a variety of poses. Looks like she decided to relax and went to an incredibly beautiful place in the mountains, and, of course, hastened to arrange a photo session.

As can be seen in the first photo Loboda posing sitting on a rock in Lotus position. For a walk she came out in tight dark tights and a black t-shirt, over which he threw a gray tank top. Her hair disheveled by the wind, and the eyes sunglasses. In the second photo, Svetlana stood in an interesting position with a cocked leg, it resembles the split. The third photo shows actress already just sitting there, but it is widely spread her legs. In the caption to the photo, the star wrote: “No matter where you are. Just the buzz and enjoy all that surrounds you. The world is so beautiful”.

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Recall, Loboda in the crazy dance lit tattoo in an intimate place.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Loboda showed his life short video.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Loboda scared people photos from Dubai.

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