Loboda told about the relationship with the frontman of Rammstein

Лобода рассказала об отношениях с фронтменом Rammstein

Ukrainian singer told about the disease and the individual.Ukrainian artist, whose concerts were cancelled in Russia due to health problems, became the guests of the Russian show of Andrei Malakhov “live”. During the broadcast Svetlana Loboda told about the operation and answered personal questions. According to star, after her accident, she had a lot to rethink, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Commander in chief.

“I realized that not a robot. It was a sign that I overestimated their value. So now they want to build their schedule, not to exist, and to live,” the singer admitted.

Svetlana also said that the disease took her by surprise, as shortly before the surgery, she was medically examined which revealed no health problems. The diagnosis put the star after she began to feel bad during a rehearsal.

The presenter could not resist and asked whether it was true that from the hospital a star was taken till Lindemann, from which, according to rumors, the singer gave birth to a daughter.

“Yes, it was a thill,” admitted Svetlana.

However, to comment further about their relationship, the singer refused, thereby retaining the intrigue.

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