Loboda touching congratulated Badoev and shared the story of their relationship: “Students went on nature”

Лобода трогательно поздравила Бадоева и поделилась историей их отношений: "Студентами ездили на природу"

Svetlana Loboda, clutch.ua

today, 07:26

Popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda often pleases millions of fans of vivid articles in your Instagram. This time star babe decided to show a bold black-and-white photo on which poses with the famous Director of videos by Alan Badoeva, January 10, birthday. And in the caption to frame the actress tenderly congratulated the music video from his holiday.

As seen in the photo, Svetlana and Alan are walking through the city, she looks at the camera, and he enthusiastically drags on a cigarette. Her leather leggings and top she covered a huge dark headscarf, covering their hair, over the shoulder it hangs an interesting bag. Meanwhile Badoev walking arm in arm with the Quinoa in a gray coat and jeans. In the caption to the photo she wrote: “you and me have a long history. Remember, we students went to nature and each other said that in the future become Directors of their own movie, a movie called – life! All came to pass and even more,” and gently congratulated him with birthday.

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