Local purchase and BBQ, a perfect marriage

Buy local and BBQ, a perfect match


On the occasion of the national holiday, why not buy local for our BBQ needs? Now more than ever, buying local is growing and I make it my personal mission to introduce you to some of my favorite products made by Quebec businesses and artisans. I'll show you a few companies and products that I particularly like, but there are several others. Whether it's for spices, accessories, or any other BBQ need, the list of everything done here goes on and on. I suggest you do some research to make great discoveries. 



Pierre-Luc Darveau has revolutionized the world of BBQs with this accessory for type BBQskettle, winning several prizes, including first place at the prestigious Vesta Award, a worldwide competition that rewards innovations in the world of BBQ. Its all-in-one package (all-in-one) is a 304 stainless steel ring that is simply placed on the charcoal BBQ, allowing you to increase the cooking surface by adding additional grids. It is also possible to attach a rotisserie, to smoke hot or cold, to use it as a pizza oven or tandoor oven; in short, the possibilities are endless. For kettle BBQ owners, the all-in-one is a must. The Quebec region can be proud to have Mr. Darveau as an entrepreneur who changed the BBQ world forever with his product invented here.

► www.all-in-1.world < /p> Zipmoilou 

When we say BBQ accessory, it is easy to immediately think of cooking tools, but the apron is just as essential. Annie Larochelle and Jérôme Bédard founded Zipmoilou, a workshop that specializes in leather goods. The apron immediately became their flagship product. Whether it is 100% leather or denim with leather inserts, it is the customer who decides the look of this apron, handcrafted with meticulousness in their workshop in Quebec. Your next BBQ will be in style and in complete safety. With pyrography or embroidery techniques, it is possible to personalize your apron as you wish or to put a company logo on it. It is with attention to detail that these two artisans make it their mission to offer impeccable personalized service.

► www.zipmoilou.ca 

SteelFire pizza 

For lovers of pizza on the BBQ, this plate is an essential accessory. What sets it apart from the others is that it is made entirely of steel; it therefore offers durability and heat distribution incomparable to anything on the market. The secret to a successful traditional pizza is how fast the dough cooks. Steel offers much higher conductivity than any other griddle material on the market, so the SteelFire can reach temperatures of 700°F and cook pizzas in less than 2 minutes! It can be used on any type of BBQ or in a conventional oven, but it is also possible to use it as a plancha. It is designed with Canadian materials and made in Saguenay. Virtually indestructible, this griddle will be the last you buy.

► www.steelfire.pizza 

BBQ Makers  

The Daunais BBQ Shop 

What could be better than having your own BBQ made here, in Quebec? It was in 2019 that Dany Daunais decided to embark full-time on making custom-made BBQs by creating La Shop Daunais BBQ. A true craftsman at heart, he meets each client with passion to clearly identify their needs. In the end, in addition to having a BBQ of exceptional quality, performance and durability, the customer will have a true work of art in his BBQ area. Some of his creations are more popular, such as the “chill grill” table, an outdoor table with a grill built into the center, or “the gatherer”, a grill designed for cooking over a wood fire, but what distinguishes La Shop Daunais BBQ from others, it's the customer experience. Whatever the needs, Dany Daunais will make it his mission to meet them and it is with unparalleled professionalism that he gets there. It is with pride that he obtains materials made here, in Quebec, which makes him a rare pearl as a Quebec BBQ manufacturer.

► www.lashopdaunaisbbq.com 


SJB Sauce

The reputation of the founder of SJB sauces is well established. Simon de l’Est is a true monument in the world of Quebec BBQ. Entrepreneur, restaurateur, author and competitor, nothing stops him. It all started with his sauces. Winners of several awards, they quickly became must-haves to have on hand. Whatever your needs, the wide range of sauces offered will satisfy you. Whether it's a South Carolina-style BBQ sauce, a Jerk marinade or the famous competition sauce, SJB products will put the finishing touch on your dishes to make them a guaranteed success.

► www.sjbbbq .com 

Gaspor Farm

In the Lower Laurentians, more specifically in Saint-Jérôme, is the Gaspor pig farm. This family suckling piglet farm quickly distinguished itself from the others by offering an exceptional product. In addition, the welfare of the animal is taken into consideration throughout the production process to avoid any source of stress. It offers a wide range of products and since everything is done on site, it offers customers cuts adapted to their needs. It is possible to order their products directly online and to travel to a drop-off point offered in several regions. There's something for everyone, whether it's ribs, bacon or a ready-to-smoke porchetta. Your guests will be impressed by the quality and distinctive taste of Quebec suckling piglet.

► www.gaspor.com 

Sugar daddy bacon< /strong>

Jean-Rock Gélinas and Sébastien Proulx are two BBQ enthusiasts who came together to form a BBQ competition team and they won all the honors. It was then that they decided to market their sauces and spices. Since then, the two entrepreneurs from the South Shore of Montreal have never ceased to amaze us with a range of diversified and quality products that should be part of any good pantry. Their success does not stop with sauces and spices; recently, they also launched a line of injection products with a catchy name called “Make them squirt”, sausages with original flavors which they affectionately call “soucisses”, as well as a beer to their effigy.

► www.sugardaddybaconbbq.com 

Quebec rich in flavors< /h3>

Buying locally for everything related directly or indirectly to the BBQ doesn't just stop at accessories and spices. It is through our daily actions that we can encourage local businesses. In this summer season, meet the market gardeners in your area. Quebec is overflowing with flavors that deserve to be known. Be curious and before making a purchase, explore the possibility of encouraging the local economy. In the end, everyone comes out a winner. Happy BBQ!