LOG BOOK. Euro 2024: long live the exchange of cultures in Germany

LOG BOOK. Euro 2024: long live the exchange of cultures in Germany

Les supporters hollandais ont débarqué par dizaines de milliers en Allemagne. MAXPPP – Mark Smith

L’Euro 2024 vu de l’intérieur par l’envoyé spécial de Midi Libre en Allemagne, Maxime Raynaud.

For almost two weeks, Germany has been welcoming Europe and so many different cultures for a giant Erasmus. The opportunity for everyone to appreciate the legendary local rigor, except when it comes to trains arriving on time or trams running on a match night. Or when you have to stop at a red light. Two colleagues paid to find out, well especially the back of their car and a little their necks. Equipment, above all.

Mbappé feeds the Spaniards

We quibble, because restaurant kitchens all close at 9 p.m. across the Rhine. And there, punctuality cannot be negotiated. Too bad for the Spanish. But with Kylian Mbappé's nose, our colleagues from the Madrid press, and from the famous show El Chiringuinto, obviously had a lot to eat.

Enough to pronounce “Kyky” about 25 times in the press room, right next to the French journalists, much less noisy as everyone knows.

Scottish people at breakfast

Over these two weeks, we have in any case been able to appreciate the songs of the Austrians and the orange life of the Dutch.

*And for the lucky ones, meeting Scots at breakfast, flatulence and "sorry, mate" ( "sorry, dude") got it. And the French in all this ? They sang a lot and, yes, sometimes moaned. We won't do it again.

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