Lola Dubini victim of attacks grossophobes, she wants to file a complaint

Lola Dubini victime d'attaques grossophobes, elle veut porter plainte

Lola Dubini targeted by attacks grossophobes, she wants to file a complaint

Lola Dubini said STOP ! Victim of grossophobie by a group of internet users, the youtubeuse decided to not leave and file a complaint. But the singer of 26 years has been hampered in its efforts. After petitioning Marlène Schiappa and the prefecture of police, she asks for help to the internet users.

If it has a lot of fans (more than 530 000 subscribers on Youtube, 635 000 followers on Instagram, 175 000 followers on Twitter), Lola Dubini must unfortunately suffer the criticisms of a few haters, which sometimes take over. Well as she assumes her curves to 100% and admits to being “quite relaxed about”, she refuses to let this kind of insults.

Lola Dubini victim of grossophobie by a “targeted group”

On Twitter, she spoke of her decision to lodge a complaint after you have been a victim of grossophobie online : “Hello all. Frequently, I get insults via the networks of all of that and a few months ago, there has been a so-called ‘pack’ aka group focus on me what. Time to gather up the pieces and find identities, I HAVE EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING TOUUUUT to make a complaint”, she explains, before anticipating the criticism : “Ah, it goes without saying that really, not need answers to tell me : HEHO being INSULTED ON the INTERNET It IS NORMAL YOU INCURRED. Because really I have the right to exist without making me smash by débilos which, in fine must pay, and understand their stupidity”.

She wants to file a complaint

The singer of 26 years request the help of the internet : “question : I tried to file a complaint on PHAROS, but, they do not take as insults, racist, xenophobic, homophobic or sexual. The rest must be done in a police station”, she says. Realizing that “it n‘there is no place online where you begin to file a complaint of cyber-harassment , on discrimination, physical (excluding handicapped)”, it challenges Marlène Schiappa, the secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men and the fight against discrimination, and the prefecture of police.

Pending a response, someone advised him to go through the national Commission on informatics and liberties of France. In all cases, it has taken contact with a lawyer. “I’m going to try it with my small means to get clear answers for these cases because it faces the mountains, in reality it can be a daunting task !”

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