Lolita began the attack after the concert, the star barely kept on his feet

У Лолиты начался приступ после концерта, звезду едва удержали на ногах

yesterday, 20:25

As you know, the Kremlin hosted an event dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

After the concert, Lolita came to the reporters so they could ask a question. And it was there, one of the representatives of the media decided to ask Lolita about living together with her ex-husband and what he allegedly gave the singer dangerous drugs.

I’m not ready to talk about the divorce and criminal cases at the concert. My lawyer is now preparing an official statement, soon you’ll find out – told the star

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But suddenly, Lolita began loudly coughing and asked her to bring water.

Water, give me water, I’m allergic to chemical smoke on the scene begged Lolita

However, the star became worse and she moved away from the chambers to the steps of the green room. Celebrity almost fell on the stage, but fortunately, she was with assistants who just picked up the Russian star.

У Лолиты начался приступ после концерта, звезду едва удержали на ногах

The celebrity has been in this position for a few minutes while the assistants guarded her from the eyes of the press, the shade and fanned his her and giving water. In the end, Lolita is on their feet to come into the dressing room. Its representatives reassured the press, stating that they have the necessary Allergy medications.

Look, it’s allergies. It is present in the majority of my colleagues. This professional allergic to smoke. When playing a solo concert, the smoke is eliminated. But on teams you can’t stop the organizers: the smoke should be in the frame. Such a powerful allergic reaction in me for the first time. Usually if it flares up, I drink a pill and all told through some time came to Lolita

And that Dmitry Ivanov during a joint life gave the lolita hazardous substances, on the eve told the lawyer of the singer Sergei Zhorin.

During Ivanov family life under the pretext of caring for the health of his wife would Supplements. When Lo divorced him, she decided to check out this stuff, and directed them to the study. It turned out, they harm the body. With this we will also understand the lawyer said

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