Lolita in spite of myself, back to the movie : the musical will be adapted with a new movie

Lolita malgré moi de retour au ciné : la comédie musicale va être adaptée avec un nouveau film

Lolita in spite of myself, back to the movie : the musical will be adapted with a new movie

Regina George (Rachel McAdams) and the Plastics, do you remember ? It was the trio of pests of Lolita in spite of myself (Mean Girls in the original version), which was to discover the harsh laws of the school to Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan). Comedy for teens had been adapted into Broadway musical-comedy. And Tina Fey just announced that the show will be in its turn was adapted for the cinema.

Lolita in spite of myself, in the version of musical comedy will soon be a movie

There is the famous Lolita, book very controversial Vladimir Nabokov published in 1955, the famous tube Moi… Lolita sung by Alizée (and written by Mylène Farmer), unveiled in 2000, and then of course, there’s the film Lolita in spite of myself, released in the cinema in 2005. In this american comedy, the lolitas are all too hyper-sexualized as in the two works previously cited but in a more soft and non-erotic.

Called Mean Girls in its original version, understand “girls are evil” in French, the teen movie was an immediate success and marked a whole generation. Even Ariana Grande had done a wink at the film in her video clip Thank U, Next.

For the youngest, a little reminder of the story : Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), arrives in savannah in a school in the United States. Binds quickly friendship with Jamis (Lizzy Caplan) and Damian (Daniel Franzese), she will fall under the charm of the BG of his class, Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett), and above all learn the hard way that girls, teens can be more frightening than Darth Vader mode revere. And then begins his “introduction” to Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Gretchen (Lacey Chabert) and Karen (Amanda Seyfried), aka the three bombs in the high school.

Please be aware, for the greatest happiness of all those and all those who thinks Lolita in spite of myself, that a new film will soon be showing in the cinema. It will not be a sequel, a prequel or a remake, but a version musical comedy film. Well, yes, because if you did not know it, Mean Girls was adapted into a Broadway musical-comedy. And the show will be in turn adapted on the big screen.

This is Tina Fey, who plays the maths teacher Miss Norbury (which is also a co-writer of the film), who announced the good news in a press release. “I am very excited to bring Lolita in spite of myself on the big screen,” she writes, “It was incredibly rewarding to see how the musical and the film have accounted for the public. I spent 16 years with these characters, they are a bit like my Marvel universe and I love them deeply”.

A cast still unknown

It is not yet known which actors and what actors will be chosen(e)s to play the roles of Cady, Regina, or even Aaron, but it is hoped that a(e) or member(s) of the casting Lolita in spite of myself (the movie 2005) will make a cameo in the musical comedy the cinema. Review Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams together, it would still be cool to see the stars together at the October 3, 2019, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of Mean Girls.

If level casting, the blur is still total, on the other hand we already know that the film inspired the musical meet Tina Fey (as a screenwriter and an actress ?), the composer Jeff Richmond, and a(e) lyricist(e).

It should also be noted that the musical” Lolita in spite of myself, choreographed by Casey Nicholaw, will soon be played in the West End in London. The opportunity to be able to go and see it before its release on the big screen.

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