Lolita kept her husband’s mistress before the divorce: why the singer was “pampered” rival

Лолита Милявская содержала любовницу мужа до развода: зачем певица "ублажала" конкурентку

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Famous Russian singer, a native of Ukraine Lolita, which disgraced his Pro-Russian stance and was expelled from the country, once again attracted the attention of the public. It turned out that the singer is divorcing her husband, who found himself a mistress, and they have yet to divide the property.

All the details of the high-profile divorce Lolita frankly told in the “million dollar Secret”, which will air on Saturday, November 9 in the evening. It has been announced that the star will tell a leading Lera Kudryavtseva all about his personal life. As it turned out, Lolita knew about the mistress of her fifth husband, Dmitry Ivanov, more than she even sponsored a rival, and still fully provide all the in-laws.

In addition, an interview Lolita shared, why not her husband gave birth to a young child, but they had been married for nine years. Besides, according to the singer, her husband-a tennis player was against her career, but divorced her due to the fact that the love is gone. Also in a candid interview with Leroy Kudryavtseva Lolita named the exact date of the breakup and admitted if she was true to her ex-husband as going to divide the property, and that will leave him after the divorce.

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We will remind, ex-husband of Lolita told the sordid details of the divorce.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Pugachev, Moses, and Lolita has unveiled their pensions.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that young husband of 55-year-old Lolita the site has an affair with a striking brunette.

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