Lolita lit a new lover, but seeing silently sulking on the sidelines: “just as in childhood, upon my word,” video

Лолита засветила нового любовника, Цекало молча грустит в сторонке: "Все как в детстве, честное слово", видео

today, 20:23

The famous singer Lolita just recently became a guest of the show Maxim Galkin on YouTube. It is known that along with the star to her husband Pugacheva came, and the young rapper Timur Samedov. Galkin began the show with provocative questions.

Lolita told me that first kiss with a boy at the age of 14 during the may holidays. Remembering this moment, Lolita laughed. It turned out, within a few weeks after the episode she was very worried, not pregnant whether. Lolita honestly explained that if in this matter she and her peers were not sufficiently enlightened in this matter. On this visit to Lolita Galkin already write the Russian media.

Also Maxim Galkin invited the artists to remember your first intimate experience. At the Palladium it all happened in 18 years. Times were still strict and with my first boyfriend lolita had to sign.

Seeing that guests in the Studio talk about it quite openly, Galkin had a third question. He asked when they had last touch. In this moment Lolita little embarrassed, but after a Frank response from the young rapper, all told — the closeness to the man she had 5 days ago. However, the name of the lover she called didn’t want, however, like to converse on this topic further.

We will remind, the scandalous Lolita showed hot kiss with Baskov: “The couple can do everything…”.

As reported Znayu Svetlana Loboda and Lolita did something strange in front of cameras.

Znayu wrote, 56-year-old Lolita rapidly lost weight, photo in the mini-dress: “Divorce is good.”

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