Lolita told what my husband before going to sleep: “It calms the nerves”

Лолита рассказала, чем занимается с мужем перед сном: "Очень успокаивает нервы"


The controversial singer Lolita Milyavskaya, who is originally from Ukraine, but now lives in Russia, otkliknulis on the baton to another artist – Valerie. And published on his page in social network Instagram three things that surprised her over the last year. During this “flash mob” revealed some interesting details from the life of the artist. For example, that she has not yet attempted to live on a pension he is receiving, as it saves her.

Лолита рассказала, чем занимается с мужем перед сном: "Очень успокаивает нервы"

Lolita, the singer

“Of course, I congratulated myself with a pension of 21 thousand! Was expecting 7-8! But I didn’t! Haven’t tried to live on that money, saving up separately. My husband started reading to each other before bed. As a child probably looks. But really calms the nerves! He told me Tsypkina, I told him Babel. Zipkin light and ironic Piterets. Babel lightweight and versatile Odessa. Listen to “bad boy” Billy Iles. Touches of freshness, but depressing tongue-tied in an interview. But it is passing, I’m talking about tongue-tie) the girl is clearly here to stay. I need not impose anything that I had to taste, but to pass the baton to someone it is necessary! I would have loved Nevzorov handed, but he is unlikely to have such a powerful Weapon as Instagram. And he hardly knows I’m there” – wrote the singer.

In the comments on the singer hit not only the applause but also criticism:
“I was surprised that you either already receive pension.”, “Are you listening Billy? Cool. I love her”, “Ooooh , a good pension , but”, “not About retirement or invented?”, “Yes, you rich lady”, “what? Steep pension! Try to live on 7 – 8”.

We will remind, well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko presented to the fans an excerpt from an interview with the controversial singer Lolita, and admitted that I was very upset.

Earlier Znayu reported, after the concert in Rostov-on-don, a famous Russian singer of Ukrainian origin, the lolita Milyavskaya was urgently hospitalized. It is noted that she became ill.

The portal also Znayu wrote the scandalous Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya felt and going through what most retirees. She is asking for help to pay off utility debts.


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