Lomepal announced a pause in his career : “I have nothing more interesting to say”

Lomepal annonce une pause dans sa carrière : "Je n'ai plus rien d'intéressant à raconter"

Lomepal announced a pause in his career : “I have nothing more interesting to say”

It is a proclamation that we didn’t expect to really. After the huge success of his album “Jeannine”, composed in particular of the song Too beautiful, and its re-publication “Amina”, Lomepal confess not to have anything “interesting to say” more. This is the reason for which he decided to take a break.

On December 7, 2018, Lomepal unveiled his second album, “Jeannine”, as a tribute to her grandmother with schizophrenia, songs Too good, Five fingers in feat with Philippe Katerine, The truth feat with Orelsan, or even 1000° feat with Romeo Elvis. After a year, and more than 200,000 sales at the counter, the artist gives his opus a re-release titled “Amina”. The program ? Five new titles, Look at me, Flash, Yusuf, Monfermeil and More tears.

“I need time to digest a new life”

A re-view as a continuity. “I knew that I was expected at the turn. It is a reprint, so it was normal for there to be a continuity. I really wanted there to be a sense that people know where was the link, “says Lomepal in an interview with The Is Lightning. But why has he decided to call this the deluxe version of “Amina” ? “I didn’t do a ‘Jeannine Deluxe’. Jeannine, this is the name of my grand-mother, and Amina, it was the one she had chosen at the time where she changed her name, in the course of his travels, during its phases of schizophrenia, “says the interpreter’s Eyes say.

After these two studio projects, Lomepal seems to have now made the tour of the topics to be discussed. Would it have the syndrome of the white page ? Nothing is sure, but in any case, he made the decision to offer a break in his career : “I need time to digest a new life to tell of new things, but then, I get to a stage where I no longer have anything interesting to say. ‘Yussuf’ is my last song for a moment (…) I’m going to wait until you have something to say. Maybe I would feel like less myself personally, to tell my life. I’ve done too much, people know me by heart, “says Lomepal the Mov. After the two rappers, Bigflo & Oli, it is, therefore, to Antoine Valentinelli, his real name, to have a break.

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