Lomepal : the rapper unveiled Monday Simple, beautiful project to help the homeless

Lomepal : le rappeur dévoile Lundi Simple, son beau projet pour aider les sans-abri

Lomepal : the rapper unveiled Monday Simple, his project to help the homeless

It is not only the Hollywood stars who commit. The French celebrities are also likely to want to change things. This is the case of Lomepal, which on Monday launched a Simple to help homeless people. The aim of the project ? Prepare food for several HOMELESS people and provide them with the dishes in the street. A cruise that changes everything for those who live and work outside.

Lomepal lifts the veil on Monday, Simple

As has been relayed to The World, 3 552 SDF have been found in the streets of Paris during the census of the homeless conducted by the city of Paris, during the solidarity Night at the end of January 2020. Lomepal decided to do something to help all these people who live in the street, both in the capital and elsewhere in the Hexagon. It’s been over a year with friends, the rapper is as well launched in a project called Monday Simple.

“Since 1 year and a half I post stories mysterious Monday and I have send thousands of messages about it. There has the answers to all your questions on this account @lundisimple I hope that many of you will next Monday to do so,” explained on Instagram that is part of the top 10 biggest-selling albums in France in 2019.

It is a “marauding simple and unassuming on the first day of the week”. “To be more clear, we cook meals that we put in trays, we put each business that can be used, and one goes to offer it to the people who sleep in the street,” said Antoine Valentinelli, his real name.

Lomepal and a bunch of mates offer to eat at several of the SDF, but they also give clothes, water bottles, or anything to be clean as hygiene products with toothbrushes and toothpaste.

“Every group of friends organizes all alone.”

The artist was keen to emphasize that “Monday Simple is not an association, it is a movement based on independence and self-funding , every group of friends organized only for financing”. Lomepal and his friends use, for example, a funding platform where they put a ten euro per week to buy anything to cook good food to homeless people.

And for the organization, they have chosen to do the cruise that day, but you can make it on Tuesday, Saturday or any other day of the week. “If you have a friend who may have hygiene kits to work, or another that can retrieve hot dishes at his restaurant” has even indicated the interpreter’s Eyes say, “If, in addition, to help the people in the street it allows you to avoid waste it is even better”.

The rapper who was one of the new heads of Burger Quiz with Norman or even Romeo Elvis has also stated that in order to find HOMELESS people who deliver these meals, this is done little by little : “the route is refined, a little more each time to force to get to know people and locations”.

Recipes ideas good and not expensive

As for the meal, “cooking as if it was for you with good products,” advised Lomepal who has given a few ideas a few ideas of “recipes very easy and inexpensive” on the account Instagram of Monday Simple. It is, in particular, the pasta Carbonara vegetarian for 15 people.

Lomepal : le rappeur dévoile Lundi Simple, son beau projet pour aider les sans-abri

Lomepal gives recipe ideas for its Monday Simple

Lomepal : le rappeur dévoile Lundi Simple, son beau projet pour aider les sans-abri

Lomepal gives recipe ideas for its Monday Simple

And of course, at the time of the distribution of the dishes, “if they do not want you to insist” he recalled. Do not forget to give them in his own hands, to not break the cold chain : “Do not leave a tray at the side of a tent or someone to sleep”.

Very happy with the excitement around this project, Lomepal concluded : “It does save ever the world but if it can soften some things, that will be fine”.

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