London church shooting leaves six injured

London church shooting leaves six injured


A 7-year-old girl is in critical condition after a shooting at a church in London on Saturday also left five others injured, police said. 

The faithful, who came to attend a mass in homage to a mother and her daughter, who died in November, fled screaming from this Catholic church in the capital when the shots rang out.

< "According to initial investigations, the shots were fired from a moving vehicle which then drove away from the scene," said the London Metropolitan Police in a statement, which appealed for witnesses.

“I heard this loud bang and thought it was not normal, and the next minute everyone was screaming and screaming,” a neighbor told the PA news agency. .

As well as the seven-year-old girl, another 12-year-old girl and four women were injured in this shooting near busy Euston station .

The other girl was discharged from hospital after being treated for minor leg injuries. 

Four other women, aged 21 to 54, whose lives are not in danger, remain in hospital, police said. 

A witness told the MyLondon news site that the shots were fired as the people Mourners who had attended the mass watched the doves being released that followed.

The priest in charge of the service, Father Jeremy Trood, told the PA news agency that he was was a mass in homage to Sara Sanchez, 20, and her mother, who died a month apart in November, the first from leukemia and the second from thrombosis.