London sanctions 30 personalities and entities for human rights violations

London sanctions 30 individuals and entities for human rights violations< /p> UPDATE DAY

The United Kingdom announced on Friday that it had sanctioned 30 entities or personalities from 11 countries, including Iran, Russia, Burma, Serbia or Moldova, “oppressing fundamental freedoms in the world ”. 

“It is our duty to promote open and free societies in the world. Today, our sanctions go further to expose those behind the heinous violations of our most fundamental rights,” British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said in a statement.

They target “corrupt people, those who have violated and abused human rights, as well as the perpetrators of sexual violence in conflicts”, detailed the ministry.

London notably adopted a law in 2018 allowing it to 'apply sanctions (entry ban, asset freeze) to people accused of human rights violations abroad.

Eight people, including a Pakistani religious leader , a Ugandan general, two Nicaraguan local elected officials and four Russian officials, are sanctioned via this regime.

London also targets ten Iranian officials linked to the country's judicial and prison system, as well as six officials from South Sudan , an armed group in Mali and m members of the Burmese junta implicated in sexual violence during conflicts.

Finally, a series of individuals from Serbia, Moldova and Kosovo are targeted for corruption.