Longoria revealed the secret: “little avocado” touched by the network

Лонгория показала самое сокровенное: "маленькое авокадо" умилило сеть

Eva Longoria not so long ago for the first time became a mother. And she recently boasted tender and touching photo with the little boy. The boy named Santiago 10 months, actress and model jokingly calls the baby his “little avocado”. Fans have noted that Santiago – copy of Longoria, from mom, he inherited an exceptional beauty. Huge expressive eyes confirmed it, in a word, “hide, moms, your daughters…”

On the kid – funny pajamas with patterns in the form of avocado. Photo appeared on Instagram of the star.

Fans of the stars of “Desperate Housewives” said that Longoria looks incredible and very beautiful. And some even said that Santiago is a mini-copy of his mother.

We wrote that the Popular Ukrainian singer, soloist of group Alexander KAZKA zaritska surprised fans with a new picture in a very stylish manner.

This became known thanks to the new post of the singer in Instagram.

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