Longueuil ordered to a tenant to do the cleaning

Longueuil ordonne à un locataire de faire le ménage

To the applause of neighbors and the sound of the horns approvers motorists, police officers, firefighters and officials of Longueuil have box Thursday, the household forced the edge of a triplex-like a dump.

“Finally, this is wonderful !” launched Richard Leblanc, relieved in spite of the hubbub that has caused the operation conducted near his home.

Between 8 and 18 h, a dozen trucks at a recycling company were paraded in front of an apartment building by the Frontenac street, near the boulevard Roland-Therrien, Longueuil.

Employees of a recycling company have spent the day Thursday to clear the field of a resident issue de Longueuil, under the gaze of neighbors and police.

They have released, under the orders of the City, hundreds of tires of the rear yard of a tenant is messy, that has not been expelled on Thursday.

Officers of the police Service of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil have made the watch “to ensure that all goes well,” said his spokesperson, Melanie Mercile.

The people of the neighbourhood were watched carefully, and not without joy, the scene.

“We hear it all the time to make noise early in the morning and late in the evening. He screams, insults and playing of the music, ” says Mr. Leblanc. And its tires, it was dangerous that someone puts the fire. “

“It is a ramasseux. It is a pleasure to me and to everyone in the neighborhood what’s happening, ” said another neighbor, who preferred not to be named for fear of reprisals.

Inch in the air

A multitude of curious visitors are stopped in their vehicles to honk as a approval in the large household that was found The Journal.

“Bravo, thank you, it was a real dump “, shouted one of them.

“You do a good job,” said another, with the thumb in the air.

During this time, the resident is problematic, Stephan Gem, did not hide his discontent, breaking even a door.

Stephan Gem out of the tires of his apartment.

“You’re that, toé ? Décalice ! ” he gueulé to a neighbor who rejoiced in his fate.

It has a serious telling off peace officers and workers on numerous occasions, earning recalls to the order.

“I buy the tires and sends them to the world. It’s been not even two months that it was there, he advocated in the Journal. They have not left the time to exit. “

For the past few years

“I wish they’d send him off. It’s been two years that he won, because he knew my brother “, has confessed to a half-word Marco Fauteux, who is in charge of the triplex since the death of the owner.

The property has been the target of complaints and fines from 2017, said the City of Longueuil. The first cleaning was done in January, but the accumulation of objects of any kind had been resumed shortly after.

“Faced with the seriousness of the situation, a 48-hour notice has been given to clean up the property,” said Fanie St-Pierre, spokesperson for the City. As this has not been respected, there has been intervention. “It has been found that the tires were causing a significant risk to the occupants of the building and for the sector,” concluded Ms. Saint-Pierre.

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