Look like pictures of cats taken at 20 different smartphones

In honor of International cat day professional did a photo shoot of a cat twenty different cameras

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Как выглядят фотографии котов, снятые на 20 разных смартфонов

This is the cutest camera in the world

This week the world celebrated international cat day, which is celebrated around the world. The holiday was created in 2002 by the International Fund for animal welfare. In honor of this event, photographer professional mobile photography Patrick Holland has created a photo shoot of her cat Stella.

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In honor of International cat day the photographer did not just a photo session, and showed looks like it is a cat twenty different smartphones if you use the maximum of their camera and built-in capabilities for post-processing images.

Budget smartphone Motorola Moto G6 captures good pictures even in conditions low swedenstyle: CNETSamsung Galaxy Note 9 has a high-quality image sensor, but low light can not get clear pictures even when light digenite: CNETApple iPhone X the very good, but the foreground is blurred because of the sharp movement lupkitaro: CNETASUS ROG Phone has a high-quality mode HDR shoots very horosoft: CNETApple iPhone 6S captured the scene with lighting from the window. However, in the shadow of the left wall there is a noticeable noise.Photo: CNETОдинарный sensor Pixel Google 3 makes the most highly detailed images thanks to the built-in postprocessing using artificial intellective: CNETЭта photo Stella shows how impressive the camera of the Galaxy S9 with dual aperture. The lighting was dim, but the smartphone has switched to a wider aperture (f/1.5) and got a really great shot.Photo: CNETМалоизвестный in Ukraine budget smartphone Alcatel Idol 5S popular in Asia for its good camerotto: CNETApple iPhone XS Max beautifully conveyed the effects of boketto: XS CNETНа iPhone pictures are clear and reskomiteta: CNETHuawei P20 Pro, clear images even in conditions with low osvesheniem: CNETKodak Ektra Phone is famous for its accurate color reproduction on simcott: CNETФотокамера Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the best in 2019 – will appreciate how clear was shimokita: CNETApple iPhone 7 copes well with dynamic range, but the background of rasmichoti: CNETApple iPhone 6 Plus excels with the transmission light and dark tonutti: CNETСнимок taken on the iPhone 5S, which dealt with a dark time pretty horosoft: CNETApple iPhone 8 has the same quality camera, but in low light the pictures are of Beklemeto: CNETGoogle Pixel 2photo: CNETApple iPhone 8 PlusФото: CNETApple iPhone 4. Despite the fact that it is the oldest smartphone in the ranking, the pictures on it are very good.Photo: CNET1/20

Here are the pictures, captured on such smartphones as the iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Pixel 3, as well as budget models Moto G7 and even older devices like the iPhone 4. This is the cutest camera you’ve ever seen.

We will remind that earlier the cameras were predicted to fall in price because of the sensational discoveries of scientists in the field of optics. We also ranked the TOP 10 smartphones in 2019 with a better camera.

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Как выглядят фотографии котов, снятые на 20 разных смартфонов

Как выглядят фотографии котов, снятые на 20 разных смартфонов

Как выглядят фотографии котов, снятые на 20 разных смартфонов


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