“Look, you can understand”: what kind of a man wants Jerry Heil

The author of the hit “Protection, otmn” ready for a serious relationship

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"По взгляду можно понять": о каком мужчине мечтает Jerry Heil

Jerry Heil

Ukrainian singer and the author of the hit “Protection, otmn” Jerry Heil reveal the secret Today.Lifestyle of their personal lives and frankly, what kind of man could love.

Exclusive interview with Jerry Heil: watch the video

Note that the heart of the 24-year-old singer freely, but it is not against a serious relationship. While Jana Shamaeva (real name of the singer. – Ed.) engaged in creativity and develop her career as a solo singer, but is already thinking about the future.

“I have absolutely nothing against the relationship. Just haven’t had time or opportunity to meet someone on whom you look and think that he is my man. It must be a successful and purposeful person. Successful is not the one who has already achieved something. In the eyes of a man understand that he definitely will do something. We just have to look to one side”, – was told Today.Lifestyle Jerry Heil.

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Ian also added that he does not tolerate cheating in relationships, because with your favorite people do not do that. But believes that problems arise through the fault of the two partners.

“But really, if a man does that, he has a reason. The guilt never one to shift,” summed up the singer.

We also offer a full exclusive interview with a rising star of Ukrainian variety art Jerry Heil.

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