Lookout: Google has released an app for the blind

Lookout: Google выпустила приложение для незрячих

Google made the app for people with visual impairments to recognize the objects around and calls them.

Google released for people with visual impairments the app Lookout, which allows you to see the objects around. So, in real time he calls what he sees through the camera of the phone. However, while the app is only available to residents of the USA, writes Gromadska, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to UNIAN.

In particular, the application is able to read objects, text, signs, bar codes and money.

Lookout has three modes of work: research, shopping and reading. In native mode (study) it uses the data from the camera for detecting objects in front of the device in real time. It is able to call objects to give sound and pictographic signals of them and to indicate the direction to them.

Mode shopping app recognizes bar codes and price tags. And in the read mode of the text it doesn’t recognize the objects and the text on them and immediately voiced.

At the same time, the user can configure how much detail the algorithms to describe the objects in the frame. Lookout can be used hanging smartphone case on the neck or putting it in the breast pocket. Importantly, the main camera was aimed in the direction of objects that need to be identied. To control the app using gestures on the fingerprint scanner.

At the same time, Google warned that the results of the Lookout while that will not always be “perfect 100 percent”, and asked users about reverse tie.

Recall that recently Google has created an app Big Bang Big Bang AR, which in augmented reality illustrates the formation of the Universe. In addition, Google tests augmented reality mode for Google Maps.


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