Looks like a boy with teeth 526: there was a video

The doctor said that the reason for this anomaly is still unknown

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Как выглядит мальчик с 526 зубами: появилось видео

In India, the boy was removed 200 teeth

Seven year old boy by the name Ravindran from the Indian city of Chennai, Tamilnadu, complained to doctors and a growing tumor in the right mandibular angle. The doctor gave him a CT scan and found the tumor with extra 526 rudimentary teeth. This writes the newspaper the New Indian Express.

Watch the video: in India, the boy was removed 200 teeth

According to the publication, in the dental Institute doctors gave the boy one and a half hour surgery and successfully removed a growth weighing 200 grams. Dentists stressed that Ravindran received timely treatment under General anesthesia. “He’s not needed in the reconstruction of the jaw,” explained Professor of the Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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The doctor said that the reason for the anomaly is still unknown. They suggest that the deviation could affect the genetics and the environment. Experts also find out it be caused by the radiation from a cell tower on the boy’s health. Now Ravindranath 21 teeth, which is normal for his age.

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