Looks like the younger son: the appearance of his mother has stirred up the network

A woman who looks like a sister or a lover of his 22-year-old son

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Выглядит моложе сына: внешность матери всколыхнула сеть

Mother looks younger than her 22-year-old son

22-year-old Jonathan Nguyen from the American city of Los Angeles (California, USA) was shown in a Facebook picture he made with his mother, and caused controversy among users of the network. The publication has collected more than 14 thousand likes and about eight thousand comments, reports tabloid the Sun.

Users write in the comments that a woman who looks like a sister or a sweetheart of a guy. “That’s great when your mother is Asian so young looks, says 22-year-old Jonathan Nguyen. – While it does not start on your peers”.

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The guy responded that his mom every day sports and trying to eat less thermally processed foods replacing them with fruits. Jonathan refused to give the age of his mother, only specifying that she is over 40.

“She looks younger than you” joke nick in the comments below.

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