Lorac in the Russian province made it on stage, people want “more”

Лорак в российской глубинке сделала это прямо на сцене, люди хотят "еще"

today, 16:00

Known Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who has been living and actively working in Russia, continues to tour the small towns. So, in a network there was a video report on the concert in Rybinsk.

This became known thanks to a new publication of the singer in Instagram network.

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“Miracle night! #шоуthebest #Rybinsk #ledwidge #navecer”, signed publication, Ani Lorak, and added a bunch of hashtags.

Лорак в российской глубинке сделала это прямо на сцене, люди хотят "еще"

Ani Lorak. Photo from news of Saratov

On published frames, you can see that the singer on stage in addition to performances of the songs also had a little chat with the audience. On Ani was a silvery costume that sparkled under the lights and bright music of the guns.

However, the most interesting thing is that in the comments under the post users started a storm: “Dancing of course, and traffic leave much to be desired”; “Oh, morning before I’d fucked you baby”; “Just a bomber, a terrific concert.”

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Recall that Ani Lorak has forced thousands of Russians to fight in ecstasy.

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