Lorac nearly ended up in court, but miraculously persuaded Murat

Лорак едва не оказалась в суде, но чудом переубедила Мурата

Ani Lorak with her daughter and husband photos: woman.ru

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Ex-husband of the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak 42-year-old Murat Nalchajian filed a lawsuit over the division of jointly acquired property. However, the 41-year-old Ani Lorak managed to convince the Turkish businessman to abandon the legal battles.

Officially divorced Murat and Carolina in January after 10 years of marriage. Earlier it was reported about her husband’s infidelity Ukrainian singer, the network even has a video where Murat were hugging and kissing in the Kiev club dancer Jana Blavou. At that time Ani Lorak earned money in Moscow.

Лорак едва не оказалась в суде, но чудом переубедила Мурата

Ani Lorak with her husband, photo: Legion-Media

Right after my divorce Nalchajian appealed to a Kiev court to resolve the question of real estate and business together. It is known that Ani Lorak in Kiev and in Moscow, and Murat restaurants and nightlife in the Ukrainian capital. In turn, Carolina made a similar initiative concerning the division of property. A preliminary hearing in their case was to begin on 4 December, but all of a sudden former couple decided all disputes.

According to representatives of Holosiivskyi district court of Kyiv, Murat Nalchajian withdrew on the eve of the preparatory meeting. In turn, representatives of Ani Lorak also abandoned the division of property and asked the court to dismiss the case.

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Лорак едва не оказалась в суде, но чудом переубедила Мурата

Lorak, photos Іnstagram

It turned out that the artist and the businessman decided to negotiate peacefully, not to injure their strife daughter Sofia. The girl lives with her mother in Moscow, Ani Lorak, however, does not limit her in meetings and communication with the father. Murat sometimes arrives in Moscow to spend time with his sole heiress.

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