Lorenzo declares his love to his “Nana” in her new video ❤️

Clip on “Nana” : Lorenzo and Anticipateurs play loveurs

After her marriage with Shy’m for the Two of Us, Lorenzo found the canadian group Les Anticipateurs to the clip of their song Nana, taken from his latest album “Sex In the City”. Video in which the rapper MC Tronel, MC Monak, DJ Rice-Boulet and Jean-Régis Lavoie play the loveurs with their chicks.

A year after “Nothing to shake”, Lorenzo was unveiled in August, his new album “Sex In the City”, made up of 17 sounds Picnic the TRAY and Damdamdeo and feats with Shy’m (Both of Us), Orelsan (Always more), his poto Rico (Travel auditory), Oliver (TreePumpidup), Vladimir Nightmare (Impeccable) and the canadian group Les Anticipateurs (Nana). It is this last collab’, recorded in Quebec, the rapper has chosen as the fourth single from her opus.

“I know that the more beautiful it is my nana”

To illustrate Nana, Lorenzo and Anticipateurs we offer a clip-quirky and fun in which they play the loveurs shoppeurs, robbers, and gentlemen, and declare their flame to their babes : “Always the same girl, I look at girls / I know that the more beautiful it is my girl / This is my nana, don’t touch my girl, not nanani the banana with my nana / Ma pitoune it is wonderful, yeah it’s like my precious stone / The best that iv, I like the fries extra fat like the waitresses.” The artists also offer us landscapes rather cool in Canada. With the cold weather, it is not a real change of scenery at least 😉

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