Los Angeles Bad Girls : 4 things to know about the series with Jessica Alba, and Gabrielle Union

Los Angeles Bad Girls : 4 choses à savoir sur la série avec Jessica Alba et Gabrielle Union

Los Angeles Bad Girls : 4 things to know about the series

No, you will not be able to discover the rest of the season 3 of SWAT on Tuesday. The place of the series carried by Shemar Moore, TF1 launches Los Angeles Bad Girls, the spin-off series of the franchise, Bad Boys, soon to return to the movies with Bad Boys For Life, the third installment of the adventures of the duo played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union to investigate in this series badass. Here are 4 things you need to know.

In 2003, Bad Boys II, the audience discovered Syd Burnett, the sister of Marcus played by Martin Lawrence. The character of Gabrielle Union is back at the helm of Los Angeles Bad Girls, a new detective series aired as soon as Tuesday 3 December on TF1. In the Face of it, found Jessica Alba, who made his return to television in a main role, 17 years after the end of Dark Angel.

Characters badass

If the two heroines of Los Angeles Bad Girls are women, Jessica Alba, and Gabrielle Union have insisted that they are not stereotypical like in some series or movies. Syd Burnett and Nancy McKenna therefore leads the investigation, but are, above all, very badass. Even better, the series showcases two actors in non-white, something that Jessica Alba is particularly proud of. “Often, the women are the token of someone, a girlfriend, a nasty, a colleague. (…) This time, the characters are written as real people” has entrusted the star to Variety. And Gabrielle Union added : “We are not saved by anyone. We save the people. We could be heroines of action“.

A golden role for Jessica Alba

Revealed thanks to the series Dark Angel aired between 2000 and 2002, Jessica Alba had not had an recurring role on tv since the end of the show where she gave a reply to Michael Weatherly. Approached by the producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Gabrielle Union, the star could not refuse this role she had dreamed of. “You know, I always wanted to be a heroine of action. I wanted to be Bruce Willis in Die Hard, I didn’t want to be the girl that you saved. I wanted to do action and comedy and this is the first script that I read where one saw two women of colour with this kind of action. It was cool, ‘”recalled the star.

One-time-use adapted

Turn a series is not easy, especially when you are a mom. So that Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba are able to combine their family life and the filming, a special time has been put in place. “Usually, there is no consideration for your life or your health. How is it that you go to the dentist or the doctor ? How do you do to recover your children ?” entrust Gabrielle Union. For Los Angeles, Bad Girls, the actresses were able to have a schedule more adapted and flexible.

A season 2 already ordered

Invited to the Festival television Monte Carlo last June, Jessica Alba, and Gabrielle Union had announced on stage that a season 2 of Los Angeles Bad Girls, is in preparation. No release date in the United States has not been announced for the moment.

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