Los Angeles Bad Girls season 1 : serious accident on the set, the actresses entrust

Los Angeles Bad Girls saison 1 : grave accident sur le tournage, les actrices se confient

Los Angeles Bad Girls season 1 : serious accident on the shooting, Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba confide

Currently broadcast on TF1, the season 1 of Los Angeles series Bad Girls found herself at the center of a terrible drama this year at the time of the shooting. Offensive to the entire team of the series, as the entrusted Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba.

All the action scenes visible on the screen in the Los Angeles series Bad Girls, which season 1 is currently airing on TF1, you seem real ? This is normal, they are, very little special effects come to replace the waterfalls on the plateau. Unfortunately, this choice creative daring has led to a tragedy last February.

Serious accident on the set

While the team of the series shot a scene of the chase on the port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, one of the stuntmen has lost control of his vehicle which then ran into a container, which is itself crushed in the area of monitors used by the creators in order to view the shooting.

However, if Brandon Margolis escaped without too much damage, Brandon Sonnier – the co-showrunner, has not had this chance. Sent to the hospital after this accident, the doctors had no other choice but to amputate one of his legs that had been hit by the container.

A real shock to the whole world, as was entrusted Gabrielle Union – the interpreter by Sydney Burnett, to Variety : “I don’t know if there is a word strong enough to describe how all the people involved in the series felt. I don’t know if “destroyed” or “torn” are sufficient. I don’t have the words“.

On his side, Jessica Alba has confessed that this drama had indirectly had the effect of bringing the members of the team : “When you go through something like that, you know the kind of family and community that surrounds you. All the world, him the first, behaved like a real family that we never could have imagined this, but that such an event is finally out“.

A showrunner involved

Moreover, the interpreter of Nancy McKenna was later clarified, Brandon Sonnier has never let down by the situation. On the contrary, he has quickly made her return to the highlands, determined to resume a normal life : “It was ‘Okay, cool. Back in the room of the writers. Who does one need ? That will be permanent ? Which filmmaker will we ?…

Remarks confirmed by Gabrielle Union, who, for his part, added : “He told us ‘guys, this is the new normal. (…) Bring you and move forward. (…) He leads us and we follow“.

A perseverance that has paid off since Los Angeles Bad Girls has been renewed for a season 2, is expected in 2020 in the USA.

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