Lose weight at home: 44 pounds less for a mom motivated more than ever

Maigrir à la maison: 44 livres en moins pour une maman motivée plus que jamais

Two months after the birth of her son, a mom of 25 years has seen the containment as a source of motivation to start a weight loss.

“I wanted to lose my weight because of the containment not to be depressed, and I didn’t want to get out of the containment with several kilos more and a low self-esteem,” says D-ïka Hakime with insurance.

Force is to admit that she has rather well succeeded in his personal challenge.

A plan and a routine

In the space of 12 weeks, the Montreal went from 190 lbs to 146 lbs in submitting to a series of exercises and through more attention to what she ate. All this while her husband was performing work on their house.

“I made myself a plan and a routine. As I had not much time, everything had to be organized”, she says.

If the results were slow to appear, D-ïka Hakime has stayed the course, and over the weeks, she began to see a difference by looking in the mirror. She wants to inspire other women to do the same after giving birth to their child.

“Even if I didn’t see too much results at the beginning, I was steady, and little by little, I started to lose weight. I’ve lost 5 lbs in the beginning. Before, I could eat a lot at lunch with a milk shake, for example, but now, I try to balance with servings of fruits and vegetables”, she says.


Since she had not done physical activity for a long time, the young woman began with a moderate training, choosing exercises suited to its needs.

“For the first week, I used a free app just to get back in the rhythm […] and Then, I chose exercises that I liked and that were not too demandants. It allowed me to have the energy to take care of my son after.”

Even if she has modified her diet, it has not prevented to deviate from the right path on occasion.

His stuff

  • Choose exercises that appeal to him
  • Be consistent in training
  • To create a routine.
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