Lose weight at home: 5 apps essential

Maigrir à la maison: 5 applications incontournables

Whether it is to make good food choices, find training programs, or to help you track your progress daily with the fingertips, the applications are a staple of the weight loss at home. Here are five that we recommend.


It proclaims itself as the application number 1 for the riders and for the cyclists. It collects valuable data with the GPS in your cell : the number of kilometres travelled, calories burned, altitude climbed, etc

Nike Training Club

More than 190 minutes of training free of charge, are offered in sessions ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. The big advantage of this is that the exercises require no or little equipment.

Seven – 7 minute exercise fast at home

This application is designed for those who do not have a lot of time. In seven minutes, everything is set and you will have sweated in big drops. No hardware is necessary, but you will have to pay to get all the exercises.


This application combines your training results with what you eat in the form of a food diary. It is even possible to scan the bar codes of foods to count your calories and your nutrients.

Yoga in Daily life

The application of Yoga in Daily life (DailyYoga) stands out by its sessions for beginners which will deepen over the weeks. It is one of the applications best rated on Google Play. Namasté!

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