Lose weight at home: an opportunity to change his mode of life

Maigrir à la maison: une occasion de changer son mode de vie

Not easy to lose weight. Especially when you must do it alone at home. Yet this is what has made Kathuissya Richard Hunter, Danny Draper, Isabelle Pollender and D-ïka Hakime, who have lost between 18 and 44 pounds in full containment, whereas the gyms were closed. Read the testimonials of these four Quebecers inspiring who took advantage of the pandemic to change their habits of life. They give us the secret of their success.


Not easy to rework his way of life in the goal of losing weight. Especially when they have to do it at home. The containment has brought its share of challenges. Some, however, have seen a golden opportunity to gain control.

Even if many canadians had complained of having gained weight during the confinement, The Newspaper has collected testimonies from many readers who, on the contrary, have lost.

We present you with four, especially inspiring :

  • By opting for the race, vegetarianism and home cooking, a 32 year old woman has lost 30 pounds.
  • To avoid depression, a new mom has persevered and lost 44 pounds.
  • An awareness rang a man who has lost 18 pounds in one month.
  • By changing his diet and walking almost every day, a woman has lost 32 pounds.

They all have this point in common to have perceived containment as an opportunity to change their habits.

Their stories prove to us that with sustained efforts, patience, perseverance, a healthy diet and daily physical activity, the results are waiting for you.

It all depends on the sources of motivation and goals, which should be realistic.

Exit plans

Attention, however : the experts interviewed by The Newspaper warn that the number on the scale should not be the sole motivation.

“Weight loss is not synonymous of health. When it is too drastic, it can be dangerous, warns sports nutritionist Gabrielle Trépanier. It instead encourages people to set healthy habits for life. By improving the power, you have energy and you feel better in our body. It is much better than a number on a scale that is not valid. “

A healthy diet contributes to weight loss. As the nutritional needs differ from one person to the other, attention to the meal plans found on the web.

It does not encourage non-plans that often exclude food groups. Synonyms of restriction, they do not make good bedfellows with the well-being. It is better to promote the balance.

“To have success and results, it is necessary to repeat good actions every day, consistently, considers the nutritionist formatting, Anne-Josie Roy. It is necessary to swing his meals with good proteins. “

Moreover, among the four inspiring stories that we present to you in this special folder, none of which promotes a miracle diet. All have been successful in their weight loss by eating better and moving more, simply.

As the nutritional requirements differ according to each person, it is necessary to avoid the meal plans found on the web and social networks. Ditto for the miracle lightning, warn the professionals interviewed.

“A plan is generalized, is not suitable to your needs and in the majority of cases, it does not last,” says Audrey Bélanger–Leclair, a licensed nutritionist-dietitian in the Abitibi.

Of favorite activities

In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, engage in physical activity will promote weight loss.

Daily physical activities also give good results on the waistline.

Kinesiologists interviewed suggest to opt for activities that you love. They contribute to the motivation, a genuine driver towards the achievement of the objectives.

For fat loss, you must focus on the exercises at a low intensity causing a slight shortness of breath during a longer period of time.

“The key thing is to make a workout often and increase the intensity so that it becomes effective, explains the kinesiologist in the Capitale-Nationale Nicolas Carrier. If you like to do an activity, it is done more often, it improves, it increases the intensity and lose weight. “

Respect its limits

It is important, however, to go at his pace and respect your limits.

“It is necessary to pay attention to the program to select, says the kinesiologist deemed to Alexander Golden. If the program is too intense, the system takes a few weeks and crashed. The energy losses are many, the frequent injury, and it is the cessation of activities. “

According to health professionals, several factors affect weight loss, in addition to the eating behavior and physical activity.

He goes to sleep, stress and genetics, in particular.

It is therefore rethinking its way of life that has the greatest probability of a successful process of weight loss.

She loses 30 pounds in containment

Looking at her photos of the Holiday season, Kathuissya Richard-Hunter did not like the image she saw. Motivated, she began a 180-degree turn in his lifestyle that has enabled him to lose 30 pounds in a few months.

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44 lbs less for a mom motivated more than ever

Two months after the birth of her son, a mom of 25 years has seen the containment as a source of motivation to start a weight loss.

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It was “now or never”

Danny Draper has taken pleasure to make you laugh the internet for the containment with the help of funny videos. When he laughed about his waist, the simple joke has turned into a observation for a man of 39 years old.

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Of the market on an almost daily basis and a better diet

A 37 year old woman has managed to lose 32 lbs during the containment by eating better and making the market almost daily.

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The stuff of our sports, advice from our experts

Kinesiologists and nutritionists consulted by The Newspaper give advice to our new athletes.

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Tools to achieve its objectives

There is no need to equip large machines, expensive to keep in shape at home. Here are some suggestions for basic equipment that will help you reach your goals.

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5 applications essential

Whether it is to make good food choices, find training programs, or to help you track your progress daily with the fingertips, the applications are a staple of the weight loss at home. Here are five that we recommend.

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