Lose weight at home: it was “now or never”

Maigrir à la maison: c’était «maintenant ou jamais»

Danny Draper has taken pleasure to make you laugh the internet for the containment with the help of funny videos. When he laughed about his waist, the simple joke has turned into a observation for a man of 39 years old.

“In one of my capsules, I pognais the big donut tummy and I was skating on a treadmill at the joke, but the visual I had returned a little in the lead […] I didn’t see myself in shape, and it made me turn on. I saw it as now or never,” said He has decided to film all the phases of her weight loss in a microdocumentaire available on the page Facebook A touch of Madness.

The closure of the training rooms due to the pandemic has been forced to use creativity to begin his project.

Using the application Seven , and by changing his diet, he has lost 18 lb in a month. He now weighs 177 lbs.

“I’m not a great expert on nutrition, but I’ve taken stuff to the left and to the right, and I was able to do so at a low cost”, explained the father of the family.


To balance his professional life and his family life, he has opted to exercise at high intensity in a few minutes. In addition to the application Seven, he employs the method of Tabata, which allows you to lose weight quickly.

In less than 10 minutes, his daily training was done and he had the feeling of a duty accomplished.

This way of training has charmed the one who said he was active in the twenties, but that was leaving his resolutions at the end of a few weeks due to lack of motivation.

“It takes seven minutes and you can integrate it in your family life. In a first time, I wanted to stretch my body, and now that I’ve lost weight, I want to gain muscle”, he mentioned.

Choose his treats

In addition to eliminating sugar, bread and pasta from his diet, Danny Draper has not taken any alcoholic beverage during its first month of fitness. Finished the beer after the work day.

If it looks well to start to consume, while the summer has just begun, its main challenge will be to manage his temptations to drink the beer too.

Even if he is now paying attention to what he eats, it does not stop him from spoiling the occasion. An essential aspect, according to him, when undertaking such a shift.

“Cheat once per week or two, it is good for the morale. We are not machines, we’re human, but it is necessary to choose his treats.”

His stuff

  • Train in the morning, “it wakes you up”
  • Choose workouts short and intense
  • Cut the sugar
  • Opt for Greek yogurt instead of the yogurt traditional
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