Lose weight at home: of the market on an almost daily basis and a better diet

Maigrir à la maison: des marches quasi quotidiennes et une meilleure alimentation

A 37 year old woman has managed to lose 32 lbs during the containment by eating better and making the market almost daily.

Even if his / her spouse repeated to himself constantly that she was beautiful, Isabelle Pollender was hard to believe by looking at one of his photos of the trip.

At 252 pounds, she was not feeling well in his skin. It was therefore decided to undertake a weight loss which has been greatly facilitated during the confinement.

“I was perhaps not as active in the past, and this also has changed a lot for me, it’s not that I eat good portions, but I was not eating the right things and I was not eating often enough,” she said.

“In addition, with telecommuting, the time I spent in traffic, I take it for take a walk, what I didn’t before confinement” says this employee in workforce planning at Desjardins.

Exit the carbohydrates and pasta, hello protein. Changes in the base, Isabelle had an early positive effects on his body.

For her, there is no doubt that the fact of staying in the house has contributed to his weight loss.

“Don’t get influenced. When someone tells you “ah, but it’s just for today,” if you always say yes, it accumulates.”

Motivation virtual

Isabelle has also been able to count on the tips of a group of motivation in line to achieve its objectives.

Because if the motivation is present at the beginning of a new way of life, this can sometimes be more difficult to maintain the cap to anchor the new habits.

His stuff

  • Set realistic goals
  • Be constant in her training
  • Patience
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