Lose weight at home: she loses 30 pounds in containment

Maigrir à la maison: elle perd 30 livres en confinement

Looking at her photos of the Holiday season, Kathuissya Richard-Hunter did not like the image she saw. Motivated, she began a 180-degree turn in his lifestyle that has enabled him to lose 30 pounds in a few months.

Running, workouts at home and a diet completely redesigned : Kathuissya Richard-Hunter, 32 years old, thrown in the trash his former mode of life during the containment to start again on new bases, and the results are obvious.

She has lost 30 of his 175 lb. She is now tipping the scales at 145 lb.

“And I want to lose again since I have the time to continue to train me,” says the resident of Saint-Paul, in Lanaudière, who hopes that her story will motivate other people to follow suit.

The health crisis that has crippled Quebec for several weeks has been a determining factor in his weight loss.

“I had a lot more time to take care of me. I have used the Adidas Running which offered the premium subscription free of charge with the containment.”

“I train four times per week, and other days, I do the race. The confinement has allowed me to include it in my routine,” says this high school teacher.

The vegetarianism to the rescue

In addition to start training, Kathuissya Richard-Hunter has virtually eliminated all consumption of meat of its power, turning to plant-based proteins such as tofu and legumes.

“I would say that we eat 75 % of the time vegetarian. We eat less meat for our health and for the environment. I also have more time for cooking. I eat more fruits and vegetables and we stopped the dairy products. It has also greatly reduced our consumption of alcohol.”

The tofu was also a great find at the grocery store. “I had eaten once, and I didn’t really like it. I learned how to better cook and I’ve found some beautiful recipes, ” she says.

No question, however, for it to follow a precise dietary plan.

“I do not diet because a diet is temporary, it brings temporary results. I do something that I can keep in time to not regain my weight in the long term. I am not oppressed and I feel better.”

Better in her skin

The woman recognizes that she would spend more of his new mode of life because of its many benefits.

“It brings me a complete wellness, not just physical, but mental also. At times, containment was demoralizing because we could not see the person, and the physical activity helped me to keep my spirits up. I never felt so in shape in my entire life. And I will have to buys of clothes, it is a beautiful problem.”

His stuff


  • Take the time to train
  • Set small achievable goals at the beginning
  • Keep a daily log
  • Cook more often and to balance the power
  • Decrease consumption of alcohol
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