Lose weight at home: tips from our sports, advice from our experts

Maigrir à la maison: les trucs de nos sportifs, les conseils de nos experts

Kathuissya Richard-Hunter

1 Take the time to train


“The more we love, the activities or the exercises, the more one will be inclined to do it often. The component of the frequency is important. We need to find a way to move often. He must also know how to be flexible in the schedule when time is limited. It is better to do two series a year instead of four, as not to do them. It is okay to put a context to the training, but if we don’t do it half the time, we can feel guilty. We just have to resume the next day. “


“At home, it is more difficult to get out of our routine, because there are all these tasks on a regular basis. It should, however, take the time to train and move. “

2 set small achievable goals at the beginning


“It is important to set smart objectives, following the rule SMART. The objectives should be specific, measurable, attractive, achievable, and time. It is not the weight, because you don’t control the number on the scale. For example, Alexis wants to train three times per week during a month to be able to finish a game of hockey when he will return to the game. It is simple to perform and it meets all. “

3 Cook more often, and to balance the power


“It is important to cook home food with good fresh food. It is not necessary to count the servings. By eating foods that are less processed, you eat less sugar and salt. In a model of a plate, you want a good source of protein, vegetables and fruits and a source of fiber by focusing on whole grains. In making these changes, we can obtain interesting results. “

4 Decrease consumption of alcohol


“It is necessary to limit the consumption of alcohol. But it should not be too restrictive. We limit ourselves to the recommendations of éduc’alcool. “


“It is necessary to be aware not to overdo our portions. The frequency of the activities to lose weight reminds us not to take a fourth consumer, or a second piece of cake. Without limitation, it is proper to take two or three beers in an evening, but not four pitchers. It is important to be aware of the quantities and the quality. ”

Danny Draper

1 train in the morning, ” it wakes you up “


“It is possible to lose weight, but we should be moving throughout the day. This is what makes the difference. If we do nothing of the day to share a workout of 30 minutes high intensity and then back on the couch, it’s no use. The activity throughout the day is beneficial. ”

2 Choose workouts short and intense


“Some types of training are popular now, because people lack the time. It is also the case for interval training. We arrive at the same result as training on a continuous basis, but taking less time. “

3 Prefer Greek yogurt yogurt traditional


“Greek yogurt is a good source of protein, such as eggs, meat, poultry, and fish. It can also be combined with a source of carbohydrate nutrient. “

D-ïka Hakime

1 Choose exercises pleasant


“You can love training at home, but not all of the exercises and it is normal. The goal is to find what one prefers. Each person is different. It’s not just the principle of “no pain, no gain”. It is not everyone who wants to suffer in training. It is necessary to think of the reverse of what was at the time. If you love an activity, it will be more often, we will be able to improve, increase intensity and lose weight. “

2 Be steadfast in his workouts


“Depending on the level, it is necessary to begin the training in a progressive manner. We need to be realistic and not get in a workout too intense from the start. Consistency is important. It is better to move forward rather than the reverse, due to training too intensive. ”

3 create a routine


“When it is necessary to train at home, it is necessary to use imagination to lose weight without equipment. It is also necessary to find the parameters of daily life that will support a time of training in the habits of life. The methods vary enormously. There is no magic recipe. It is necessary to activate and move forward. “


“The big challenge currently, what are the changes of routine. The sporting habits of the people are chambranlées. You have to be creative and establish a new routine. What is important to the success of a fitness or feel good in his body, it is to adjust to the realities. You need to know to navigate through the current circumstances. “


“When the routine changes, it is more difficult to find the motivation. It is necessary to reconstruct and integrate it into our daily lives. Typically, it takes about 21 days to adopt it naturally. “

Isabelle Pollender

1 set realistic goals


“Move has a very positive impact on mood and stress management or anxiety. When you want to do the sport, it must not just think of the weight displayed on the scale. It is necessary to detach oneself from them. At home, the goals should be more realistic than the weight. There are many factors influencing the weight. When you set goals in relation to it, becomes discouraged easily very often. The weight loss comes by making an effort. ”

Other stuff

1 Recognize the true from the false hunger


“You have to listen to the satiety signals. If one is still hungry after our portion, it is correct to continue to eat. The real hunger is characterized by the desire to eat the first thing that passes under the hand. No one has any precise idea. False hunger is the urge to eat a particular thing. “

2 Do not skip meals


“It is necessary to avoid spending long periods of time without eating. It is thus more difficult to listen to his appetite when one has a great hunger. “


“It is not necessary to skip meals. It is a vicious circle of deprivation that is then followed by overeating. ”

3 Finding the right motivation to lose weight


“There are several reasons for wanting to lose weight. There is the intrinsic motivation that comes from oneself. And there is the extrinsic motivation that comes from outside. The company, my boyfriend or my girlfriend want me to lose weight, so I’m going to move. ”


“The reason to simply lose weight or improve her silhouette in the mirror is not sufficient medium or long-term. It is necessary to put the emphasis on motivation in the medium and long term. You need to dig and find other reasons that will attract interest. ”

4 Avoid to follow the trends of diets


“In the current trends, we can see diets are harmful to health such as intermittent fasting. It is to put the body in a mode of starvation. It is not made to be placed in this situation. If one follows the trends, it is almost assured that the initial weight will be regained quickly. Rather, we need to learn good habits of life balanced. “


“All the diets recommend cutting out foods. In doing so, it creates a deficit in calories in the day. It works for a few months, depending on the studies, but not after one year. They create hardships, frustrations. By its defence mechanisms that slow down the metabolism, the body reacts and the storage thereafter. “

— Interview with François-David Rouleau

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