Lose weight at home: tools to achieve its objectives

Maigrir à la maison: des outils pour atteindre ses objectifs

There is no need to equip large machines, expensive to keep in shape at home. Here are some suggestions for basic equipment that will help you reach your goals.

1. Set of elastic bands resistant

The elastic bands in resistance variable allow a full workout of all major muscles. They also offer a wide range of exercises and are easy to anchor and carry it everywhere around the house.

2. The suspension cables TRX

These cables use the weight of the body to create a resistance by the suspension. The exercise possibilities are exponential. It should, however, use it wisely and control the movements to not get hurt.

3. Ball slamball

Ball without rebound robust rubber, ideal for weight lifting, the physical explosion and improve cardiovascular capacity. Various loads available.

4. Weights and dumbbells

Worth to buy all the loads available. Just opt for a pair of light weights and heavy in order to vary the loads depending on the exercises.

5. Kettlebell

The exercise possibilities are many and varied with this tool working cardiovascular capacity, strength and flexibility. He can seek all the muscles of the body.

6. Jump rope

Simple tool to obtain and low cost. The sessions of jumping rope can match frame rates, and precise movements.

7. Swiss ball

This ball is a must to work the muscles of the abdominal belt. The stability exercises and balance helps to strengthen the abdominals while soliciting other muscles.

8. Floor mats

For comfort during floor exercises, simply, or yoga exercises.

9. Box jump

A must for all fans of obstacle course that like a versatile workout. Under different models, the boxes can be of fixed height or adjustable. It is important to determine the height of a jump be done without injury or fall.

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